My ‘Fabulous Duncan’ has been sold. A very sad sale but delighted he has gone to a lovely family who will have as much fun with him as I have. He is a gem!


Dressage in a high wind and sleet! Rider error today but Duncan did his job brilliantly and we came 3rd in Prelim 14!

Great day today. 2nd in PC Novice 2009 and 3rd in Prelim 13. Well done Duncs!

Duncan had a great day out at Inchcoonans on Sunday.    He did a fabulous dressage test with a great score of 71.57% and a even better clear round of show jumps and one down in the XC fences leaving Aimee and Duncan in 4th place.  Well Done Duncan!!

Had a great day at Power X today. Duncan went fabulously!! We went clear in the 60cm and came 2nd. In the 70cm, went clear and we came 1st and was so thrilled with Duncan!!


Duncan went fabulously today at Chapelwells in the first test, PC Novice Eventing 2009. We came 1st and was so pleased with Duncan. Then the second test, Prelim 7, we also came 1st! Thrilled with Duncan!!!

Heres a picture to show you.


Watch this space to see how duncan gets on at chapelwell!!